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More bars, more talk, more Any Family Anywhere Minutes? That's a #NoBrainer

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No Brainer Features

Here's what makes the Seppita Mobile Switch the ultimate no brainer.

Build Your Own Unlimited Plan

Want to add friends and family? Need more reliable rollovers? We got your six, soldier.

Unlimited Rate Root Coverage

You read that right. Rate root. Guaranteed. Hassle free. You're not dreaming.

24/7 Seppita Service

Our Seppita staff are as friendly as they come. And you can't tell over the phone, but they smell nice too.

Latest Commercials

Craig? He's beenada busy Seppitaing up Seppita Mobile!

Craig Healy

Craig Healy
Founder & Spokesman

“Reliable Friends and Family Talk hands you the unlimited keys”

Price Your Way

Most mobile companies like to box you into a plan.
We think it's more fun to choose- maybe that's just us?


$ 45 /line per month

  • More reliable bars
  • Any Family More Minute Rollovers™
  • 7G Nationwide LTE Anywhere™
  • International Rate Root™
  • More text, more talk, more time.

Unlimited Plus

$ 60 /line per month

  • Even more reliable bars
  • Any Family More Minute Rollovers Max™
  • 7G Nationwide Plus Mex & Can LTE Anywhere Anytime™
  • International Rate Root™ plus Hassle Free Guarantee™
  • The most text, the most talk, the most time.

Unlimited Ultimate Plus Pass

$ 80 /line per month

  • Infinite reliable bars, plus monthly More Bar Bonus™
  • Any Family More Minute Rollovers Max Platinum™
  • 7G Worldwide LTE Anywhere Anytime Anywho™
  • International Rate Root™ plus Ironclad Hassle Free Guarantee™ Armored Lock™
  • Even more most text, still more most talk, extremely more most time.™